Your Personal Decision Support System for Holistic Wellness

If you're constantly in "I can't afford to get sick" mode and struggling to keep your head above water,
plan for your wellness as well as you do the other important areas of your life.
Don't rely on band-aid remedies that are part of the problem, and don't leave it to chance ... 
like throwing a dart and hoping to hit the bulls-eye!
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Get an insightful report into the areas of your foundational body systems most in need of help 
based on YOUR biometric data and energetic levels. 
Together, we'll then review the report to create a strategic Plan that you will be confident of implementing to optimally manage your functional, energetic and emotional wellness.  
Make better informed decisions and take charge today for a sustainable healthy lifestyle tomorrow!

Regain control and balance of your life with the
 ZYTO Insights Scan and your Personalised Wellness Plan
Hi, I'm Rosilah
Your Transformational Wellness Coach-Mentor
My passion is empowering women to take control of their wellness on all levels (especially the emotional) using simple, effective routines that will sustain through health challenges and life events. I call it "Freedom in your hands". When you have the knowledge and confidence to make your own decisions without constantly relying on the permission of others, you are blessed with a feeling of peace that brings a healthy balance to everything that's important in your life. I'm not saying you can do this overnight ... however, with consistency, you will develop resilience and it gets easier. Promise! 

The first step is the hardest, and asking for help is high on the 'hard' list too. 
I started my journey five years ago at the age of 57 all on my own! If not for my 2 sons - my biggest "WHY" - I'm not sure I would be here writing this message to you. Well, I'm here now for you, to help you take the first step to freedom, balance and peace of mind.  

What you get for an investment of AU $150 (about US $115)

1. A ZYTO Insights online scan which conducts a personal biometric assessment from your voice and touch responses on an internet-connected device

2. A 90-minute 1:1 consultation to:
  • review the reports from your ZYTO Insights scan,
  • decide on 2-3 strategies based on your current situation that will have optimal impact on your overall well-being, 
  • receive a mindset session for reducing stress. High stress levels increase inflammation and negatively affect your levels. 
3. Your Personal Wellness Plan with strategic and mindset solutions in PDF format to guide you in making better decisions daily.

4. Email/text support for follow-up questions and motivation, to ensure you follow through on your Plan effectively.

5. Inclusion of under-18 children in your ZYTO Insights account with free first scans.

6. Preferential prices for ongoing monthly scans and Wellness coaching-mentoring programs, including family pricing.


Not sure yet if this is the right step for you?

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