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Elevate your Vital Energy
The AromaQi Method
Motivation & Meditation in Movement

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Balance and flexibility become more important as we age
to prevent dis-ease, stimulate the mind, and enjoy a vibrant and energetic lifestyle.
It takes only 10-30 minutes of daily practice to keep up our motivation and mobility.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today!"

Freedom is in your hands 

Regain control and balance of your health and wellness naturally 
Boost your motivation and mobility and enjoy freedom of movement and expression
with 10-30 minutes of daily practice in the comfort of your home, without gym equipment or yoga mats
AromaQi is a fresh, modern synergy of the ancient practices of Aromatherapy, Tai Chi and Qigong combined with modern neuroscience to exercise your body, mind and spirit. 

Qi (pronounced chee as in ”cheetah”) is the vital life force energy that flows through, within and around us. The gentle, flowing movements together with the therapeutic effect of essential oils promote the circulation of your Qi, improving mindset, muscle strength, coordination, balance and posture. Consistent practice can speed up achievement of fitness goals and improvement of recovery time from illness and injury. As an adjunct to other sports, it can enhance balance,  flexibility and coordination .

Learn simple techniques to detox your life, regain balance, and build resilience DAILY. 

Smell is the only one of our five physical senses that is directly linked to the limbic system of the brain where our emotional control center lies. AromaQi uses proven techniques developed by a practising clinical psychologist to set your emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, towards growth & expansion rather than contracting in fear, doubt & paralysis.  Smell therapy is more effective than talk therapy for releasing negative thoughts, feelings & memories that interfere with reaching our goals & dreams, overcoming procrastination and lack of motivation.  

How did it all start?  
After 2 babies and little exercise for many years, further compounded by debilitating conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, auto-immune issues, work stress and personal trauma, I was desperate to regain a basic level of fitness and to reach out of the dark places in my mind. None of the other activities that I tried helped - weigh-training, swimming, body balance, walking; they mostly ended up causing more pain with little result, partly due to inconsistent practice. When I began weekly Tai Chi & Qigong classes, the discipline of their deceptively gentle routines got me back on track. However, despite the amazing group support, I lacked motivation and energy to exercise regularly. That is, until I discovered the power of our sense of smell, and the connection between emotions and the human body.  It was a game changer! Before long, I discovered the missing pieces that enabled me to master my emotional roller coaster and my life force.  The most empowering aspect was having the tools and knowledge to heal myself all in my own hands as I was not always able to express my feelings to others.

I created AromaQi to empower others facing similar challenges in movement, mobility and motivation. Everyone wants to be fit in every aspect of their lives! But it's a huge challenge to do it all on your own, especially when constantly dealing with stress from hidden chronic illnesses (whether yours or someone you care for), negative thoughts, and emotionally charged memories in your subconscious that you're not even aware of. It's important to recognise that each individual has unique challenges invisible to others.  My experiences have given me the empathy to help those who desperately want to regain control of their life, re-ignite their life force, and to find  balance, peace and  harmony with themselves and their loved ones.  All healing begins in the mind.  
Yours in Qi'nergy
 Rosilah Sani 
Wellness Transformation Coach
 Creator of AromaQi

Sanricco LIFE

Una Vita Sano e Ricco - A Life of Wellness and Abundance Sanricco is a blend of our Malay and Italian names that encapsulates the importance of family values and a life of wellness and abundance blessed by nature's precious gifts.