I Am Worthy! Self-Love Journal
90 days of unique affirmations and drawings
This journal is a passion project: another way I'm helping women to regain their balance and develop the resilience to face physical and emotional challenges daily.  You can't take care of your loved ones unless you love and take care of yourself first - there's no guilt in that! 
The affirmations are carefully framed to align with a neuroscience-based mindset technique that I am certified in. By using this journal daily, you will harness the power of self-belief and - with the bonus gift included inside the journal - become a more Empowered You!
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I am Worthy! Self-Love Journal is a beautifully curated and nurturing personal space for every woman who is on a journey to discover her true inner self.

There are 90 unique pages of affirmations and exquisite line drawings -- plus bonus pages of motivational quotes -- to colour, doodle, or embellish in your own creative style while journaling your thoughts and feelings. Each page is a canvas of inspiration to remind you of your inimitable individuality, just like the page itself.

Perfect for the woman who enjoys free-form expression and unleashing her creativity with a minimal guided structure.

A special gift is included inside to empower you on your journey of self-discovery.
  • Everyday, whatever your mood that day, flip through the pages to appreciate the graceful artwork until you find the one that calls out to you.
  • Taking the time to reflect and appreciate is in itself an act of self-love, enabling you to re-fill your cup and de-stress day-to-day.
  • The power of positive affirmations combined with colouring/art therapy and journaling are both empowering and nurturing, helping to direct energy towards the connection with your inner child and your true purpose.
  • Aesthetically pleasing to begin with, once completed it becomes your personal work of art, one that you will enjoy perusing again and again.
  • Get one to record every season of your life - no two seasons will ever be the same again.
Sneak peek of the pages ...
Each page contains a unique affirmation as journaling prompt and to start the day, a drawing for colouring, and blank space for your creative expression. Affirmations are carefully selected as reminders of your value and worth, and the paired drawings reflect the grace and beauty within you, all to be appreciated every single day
Bonuses included:
- extra pages of my favourite motivational quotes in similar style to the affirmations to inspire and decorate 
- access to a  step-by-step "Empowering You" guide to help you find calm and clarity in your day.

About The Author
Rosilah is a women's Transformational Wellness Coach, Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner, and Master of Science in Information Systems. She was the first female graduate in Surveying in New South Wales, Australia.
In her earlier career in a male-dominated industry, she was a competitive and perfectionist executive, unaware of the subconscious desire to prove her worth by living up to other people‚Äôs expectations. This conditioning, shaped by childhood experiences, affected her health and relationships, triggering a major wake-up call. Experience has since taught her that embracing the true version of yourself is the real pathway to integrity, freedom, well-being, and happiness. 
She has a vision of a world where all children are safe, protected, and loved by those responsible for them, growing up to become emotionally resilient adults who raise emotionally resilient children. Her life purpose is to help women embrace their true worth and discover their own paths to the freedom that will enable them to live their best lives intentionally and be the best role models for their children.