For your Household and DIY projects

My sisters are extremely talented and would craft beautiful cards, cakes, and other creations.
My DIY projects are more functional, time-saving, and cost-saving items like bath salts and laundry detergent 

Always start with quality ingredients: firstly for your health, secondly GIGO (garbage in garbage out), and lastly, you're making them without the preservatives that are normally found in off-the-shelf products, so quality ingredients tend to last longer. You can learn a lot about a product from the company's philosophy and integrity as well.

PURE ingredients
The PURE store has a great range of natural cleaners and crafting ingredients, with cool natural alternatives to chemicals that we are wise to avoid. I use heaps of baking soda for household cleaning, Epsom salts for personal care and in the laundry, and citric acid for cleaning bombs. They are packaged in these lovely resealable eco-friendly brown bags. Yay to stores that cut down on plastic packaging! 

Check out also their kitchen essentials of "mindfully sourced ingredients for any health goal" like this Steel cut oats which is Climate Pledge Friendly.

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