It's Time to Get An Insight 
Into Your Holistic Wellness

Are you ready to elevate your wellness?
Get a Biometric Analysis that gives insights into 
the stressors affecting all aspects of your wellness
so you can regain balance in your life!
The ZYTO Insights scan uses your own body's voice and kinetic energy 
to provide a guide into the areas of your wellness that are in most need of help 

Click the button below to fill up the form to request your scan.
All you need is a device with internet connection, web browser and microphone.
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What happens next: 
  1. You'll receive an invitation via email to create a free  ZYTO Insights account from which to run the scan. 
  2. If you don't receive the email within 24-48 hours or have any other questions about your scan, contact me at life@sanricco.comMake sure you've checked your SPAM folder.
  3. After you've completed the scan, you'll receive a link to book a complimentary 15 minute session via Zoom to review your report or any question you may have about the scan. 
  4. Check out the ZYTO support pages at the bottom of this page for more details on how to read your scan report and about the science and technology.

What is ZYTO Insights?
It is a powerful online application that uses leading edge technology to provide your personalised wellness information based on biometric feedback. The information from an Insights scan helps you make better decisions to improve quality of life. Watch this 2min video.

How do I get a scan?
Click the "Scan Me Up" button to submit your name and email address.
Look our for the email invitation from Zyto, create a free account to access the software, and follow the step-by-step instructions. 

How to run the online scan  
What do I need to run the scan?
A device such as smartphone, tablet or computer, with: 
1) active Internet connection
2) microphone (not wireless or Bluetooth) 
AirPods & AirPods Pro do not work with Insights. If you have been using AirPods, be sure to disconnect them (in Settings > Bluetooth) from your device before using Insights.  
3) a Web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Windows OS only), Opera (Windows OS only), or Android browser (except for Samsung browser in Dark mode). If  using Apple  iOS, be sure all other media programs are closed before using Insights.
How long does the scan take?
Less than 15 minutes.
Step 1: Answer pre-scan survey questions to provide context for your scan.
Step 2: Speak into the microphone for 10 seconds:  Insights uses your voice frequency or energy - not your words - as input to create your unique SPARK. The recording is used only TEMPORARILY  and not stored. 
Step 3: Click on a target on your screen to record kinetic response.
Step 4: Let the algorithm do its work!

You may also run a Free Basic Foods scan within the same session.
Ready? Let's get you scanned up now! Click here to get started.
For those who want to have the Big Picture and all the info ...

ZYTO Insights Support pages
- how biometric data from voice and touch are used as input to the Insights algorithm

The technology
- how the Insights scan uses voice frequency and kinetic input (touch) to create your unique 24h SPARK + an example of the scan results

- how to Interpret the scan report + frequently asked questions 

Disclaimer: ZYTO Insights provides general wellness information and is not intended to be used in the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or mitigation of any disease or medical condition.

Need more guidance?
Hi, I'm Rosilah, Your Transformational Wellness Coach-Mentor
My passion is empowering women to take control of their wellness on all levels, especially the emotional. I love using simple, effective routines that will sustain me through health challenges and life events well into my golden years,  . I call it "Freedom in your hands". 

When you have the confidence to be your own best advocate and make your own decisions without relying on others, albeit with expert advice, you feel at peace knowing that you're doing your best to bring a healthy balance to everything that's important in your life. I'm not saying you can do this overnight! But with consistent practice, you'll develop the resilience and it gets easier. 
1. Wellness Review + Strategy (45 minute consultation)
Review your scan results to determine the wellness areas that require the most attention, and the underlying stressors. Together, we'll develop the top 2-3 strategies that will bring these areas back into homeostasis (a state of balance) to have optimal impact on your overall well-being, in alignment with your time and lifestyle.

2. Personalised Wellness Plan (90 minute consultation, mindset session, 2nd scan)
In addition to the Wellness Review + Strategy above, get help with your motivation and mindset to overcome any blocks, negative beliefs, or fears that interfere with an effective outcome from your strategies. This Plan includes access to 30 days email and text support to implement your Plan, and a follow-up scan after 30 days. You can book another Review + Strategy for this scan at a discounted rate,