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Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don't have the strength.

--Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), 26th President of the United States

What is it about?
 The Hunt for My Smile 
is a collection of individual stories and personal journeys
of how we found our smiles again after facial palsy stole it away. 

This book will 

raise awareness, give hope, and inspire 

everyone who reads it. 

 What's in it for you?
 Being a part of the book collaboration
The Hunt for My Smile

will give you the opportunity to: 

Raise Awareness!
You will be able to say that you helped bring the facts and 
emotional recovery from Facial Palsy to others from 
the perspective of someone living it.

Service and Giving Back!   
Give hope and confidence to others that they will survive 
and find a new normal.  Be a part of the movement to help 
others regain some control of what they lost 
when facial palsy struck and stole their smile away.

you will gain a community of people who walk this path 
of writing your stories and know that we all 
understand the unspoken words.

Writing is a well-known way for people to release the hurt, 
sorrow, and sadness that comes from trauma.  
Heal through your writing to help someone else in the future.

Published Author!   
You will be able to call yourself a published author and 
this is a great way to dip your toes into the writing world 
before you write your own book.

Also included to enrich your experience:  
- a Facebook page for authors where you will receive support, 
encouragement, and help when writing your story, 
- a writer's mindset session with a certified practitioner to help 
you discover the words for your story, a copy of the book, 
- you keep all rights to your chapter and reuse how you wish    
(maybe write your own book), 
 - opportunities to share more about yourself in an author interview, 
- and the ease and peace of mind knowing all you do is write 
your story and it is published for a community of people to read.
Why publish a book 
about facial palsy?
 - A desire for people to say that they feel seen and heard because 
of this opportunity to share with the world their unbelievable 
story of tragedy and triumph.  

- A desire for people to believe in the power of healing through 
the courage to share their stories, and that their 
sharing can help others to heal.  

- A desire for people to be inspired to do more and 
be more for themselves and for others.

 ~ I look forward to you joining me in raising awareness
about facial palsy and inspiring hope and healing in others.~

  The Hunt for My Smile 
book collaborative will:
- Be professionally edited
- Be professionally proofread
- Have a professionally designed cover
- Be published by "Abundantly Enough Publishing"

I've done this before...
 On my first book collaboration, I worked with Meggan Larson
a best-selling author, and publisher, on a collaborative 
that was released in the Fall of 2021 called 
The Truth About Finding Joy in the Darkness

I had the opportunity to share my story of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome 
and how I walked through that devasting diagnosis 
and somehow ended up defying depression and finding joy again.  

I had no idea when I participated in the book collaboration 
that I would experience the amount of internal healing that I did.  

And, although the healing was internal, I have had 
many people say to me in the last few months that my smile 
is bigger and more "normal" and that I "look like" me again.
The external healing seems to be a byproduct of the internal,
which really began after I shared my story!

Click the picture to read my blog post
"The day my face fell"

I believe this is a direct result of my sharing 
my story for all to read.

To say I am proud of my first book is an understatement.
It was a huge success from the start and reached 
#1 New Release in at least FIVE categories, 
as well as, reached #1 Best Seller in ONE category.  
It also has a number of 5-star reviews.

I was so excited to read my name on the 
front cover as a published author, but the first time
I signed a copy of my book for my oldest friend, 
received a picture from my mom holding my book, 
and received a message from another friend praising the book, 
I couldn't believe the good that had come from so much pain.

That experience gave me the 
know-how, confidence, and desire
to move forward with a book collaborative 
focused on raising awareness of facial palsy.  

But MY story isn't unique! 

This book needs YOUR voice to make an impact 
on Facial Palsy awareness and recovery.  

Being a best-selling author may not be a reason for you to do this, 
but knowing that your story will help someone who comes behind 
you through the devastation of losing their smile 
to find their own is definitely worth it!

Let's Raise Awareness
Due to the generous support of the 
the cost to join is only $200!!!  

Book Collaboration fees normally fall between 
$350-$1000 to cover the costs of publishing a book 
(proofreading, editing, cover art, graphic design, marketing, and more). 

 This is a most fortunate opportunity not likely to happen again.
Want to get involved? 

Click the button below to fill out your application

and learn more about this passion project!

Who am I?
My name is Amy Sameck and I am a determined entrepreneurial single mom, who has recently decided to create my life and become a published author. 

I hold a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling, I am a payroll coordinator for two companies, I've successfully created an online business tutoring students around the world, and have facial palsy due to Shingles attacking my facial nerve in November 2019.

As I Am,
Amy S

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