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Build Up Your Physical, Mental And Emotional Strength

Combining 3 Powerful Ancient Practices 
To Boost Your Motivation And Mobility
And Balance Your Life...

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 Exercise your Mind, Body and Spirit 
AromaQi, a modern synergy of ancient practices  
Aromatherapy + Tai Chi + Qigong

Location  North Terrace, Bankstown NSW
(opp Bansktown Station. near Bankstown Shopping Centre)
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Wed 10-11 am Sun 3 - 4.00 pm
Your first class is free! (Booking required)

Bankstown venue sponsored by Community Support Services
Are you dealing with stiff joints and weak muscles?
Lost your mojo for the gym?
Out of action for too long due to injury, illness or babies?
Have you joined a gym or fitness class to “get back into shape” only to give up from aches & pains, lack of energy, or just.life.happening?

The first challenge in fitness is starting and the second is maintaining it. 

Yet, most fitness programs focus on physical form and neglect the most important part of your body - the brain. Motivation, drive and consistency are as important as form and function. In AromaQi, you'll learn up-to-date techniques to develop physical, mental and emotional strength, achieving balance in your body systems and creating a foundation for a healthy holistic lifestyle. That's why we call it ...
A Fit Life RevOILUtion
  • Who can benefit:  Anyone and everyone, all ages and abilities, the young and young-at-heart.  Suitable to be done seated if you have difficulty exercising standing up. 
  •  How long and how often:  Practise anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. 15 min of daily exercise is more effective than 3 h once a week. The Harvard Medical School states that regular practice of Tai Chi for as little as 12 weeks could help give you a “healthy body, strong heart and sharp mind.”
  • Equipment and clothing:  No special equipment or clothing needed. Wear loose comfortable clothes and sports shoes. Essential oils will be provided for use during classes. 
  • Consult your health practitioner before participating in any fitness class if you have a medical condition or health reservations.

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After 2 babies and little exercise for many years, I was work stressed, suffering arthritis, joint pain, injuries, and personal trauma. Desperately needing to regain a basic level of fitness,  nothing helped until I began weekly Tai Chi  & Qigong classes. The gentle  routines got me back on track but I still lacked the motivation and energy to exercise regularly. Essential oils was a game changer, the missing piece that helped me take control of my emotional roller coaster.

The reason I created AromaQi is to empower others who face similar challenges in exercise or other aspects of their lives. Movement and mobility become more important as we age, and the time to start is yesterday!

Yours in Qi'nergy
Rosilah Sani
Creator of AromaQi 
Wellness Educator

 Harness Your Qi To Destress, Rejuvenate And Elevate Health

AromaQi is a fresh, modern synergy of the ancient practices of Aromatherapy, Tai Chi and Qigong. 
Qi (pronounced chee as in ”cheetah”) is the vital energy that runs throughout your body. Together, the gentle, flowing movements and therapeutic effect of essential oils promote the circulation of your vital Qi energy, improving muscle strength, coordination, balance and posture. Consistent practice may speed up achievement of fitness goals and improvement of recovery time from illness and injury. Those active in other sports may enhance balance and coordination while expanding flexibility and coordination.

Learn simple techniques to boost motivation, mobility and energy 
Smell is the only one of the five physical senses that is directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain — our emotional control center. Learn how to overcome negative feelings such as procrastination and lack of motivation using proven techniques developed by a clinical psychologist. Discover new essential oils loved by millions of users globally and find the ones that you love best.


Wellness and abundance 
In Italian, sano means healthy and ricco  means wealthy. Sanricco is a blend of our Malay and Italian family names, encapsulating the importance of family,  a life of wellness and abundance blessed by the natural goodness of Young Living essential oils, a toxin-free household, and regular exercise.  
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