Take Control of Your Health and Wellness

Transformational Wellness Coaching  
 Special Post-lockdown Prices for Q4 2021 

30-day 1:1 Coaching Package
Transformational coaching based on a structured, proven methodology that works
This 30-day Individual program is personalised to fast-track your wellness transformation on the emotional and physical levels. You will receive 4 hours of customised coaching and mentoring, for the price of 3 hours, on the aspects of your wellness that you are currently struggling with.

What's included:
** Customised coaching and mentoring to suit your needs, based on a protocol which was developed from personal and professional experience in 30+ years of creating systems for clients.  
** A free eBook "Beat the Stress - 24 ways to reduce stress in a chaotic world"
** Worksheets for goal-setting and wellness tracking
** Email and text support within business hours, so you're never alone on your journey

Hello friend,

Whether you want a healthier lifestyle for your family, or to be more motivated and focused to reach your goals, or to find the 
freedom and energy to enjoy your life with your loved ones, it all starts with you and your why - your purpose in life.

If you want better than what you have now, but you can't quite put a finger on what's missing, or you don't know where to start, coaching can help you get so much more clarity.

How we will work together with me as your Coach

Your transformation requires that we actively listen to and be honest with each other, but you won't have to share anything that you don't want to - this is not therapy.  I will guide and facilitate your inner self discoveries using a powerful neuroscience-based technique that has been proven effective for thousands of people globally.  

There will be 4 x weekly sessions, and in between you may reach out to me by email, or Facebook Messenger for urgent questions (I don't want you to feel stuck at anytime at all).  I will respond within 24 hours, usually sooner,  

To be in control of your life - mind, body and soul.

Discover your real purpose in life - your deepest level WHY - and connect with your authentic self 
- Manage the overwhelm, get out of that downward spiral, get unstuck!
- Learn ways to boost motivation and overcome procrastination to move towards your goals
- Quickly and effectively handle stressful situations and your negativity bias, limiting beliefs or negative thoughts
- Elevate your energy to achieve more with fun and ease  

Become a more resilient person who bounces back up stronger no matter what life throws at you
 - Embrace your emotions and permanently release emotionally-charged memories that are holding you back
- Learn how to manage your (physical or emotional) pain without medication
- Normalise the way you think and talk about your emotions to h
elp your young children manage their emotions too! 

Enjoy healthier relationships with healthy boundaries
- Speak up for yourself without worrying that you'll embarrass yourself or be an emotional mess
- Have more confidence about your decisions and actions: release guilt and regret
- Become a respected role model for your children, family, friends, and business connections 

"Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come."
Ron Kaufman

Choose the Freedom to Live your Best Life
with Wellness, Abundance and Purpose

Disclaimer: I am not a health practitioner. Please consult your doctor for known or possible medical conditions. 
Having said that: after a lifetime of doctors' visits and drugsI've completely turned my health around through non-medicated solutions, becoming more empowered in taking control of my health and well-being. I'm NOT suggesting that you stop seeing your doctor - I have a great relationship with my GP who totally understands my preference for natural solutions.